What if You Could Go from ALWAYS Being on a Diet to NEVER Being on a Diet Again?

How about making that happen in 6 Weeks?

Let me guess, YOU can't lose weight even 
though you ...
  • ​Kill yourself at the gym and don't see the results?
  • Drink shakes that taste terrible?🤢
  • ​Spend tons of 💲💲 on bland pre-packaged foods?
  • ​Try every diet out there?
  • ​Feel like your fighting an uphill battle against your body, hormones and your age? 

Then YOU'RE in the right place!! 

The Stories Behind the Metabolic Body Reset
A Personalized Metabolic Optimization Strategy 

Turned 50 - Needed to Step Up Her Game!

Jackie, a 50-year-old nurse who works 12-hour shifts and a mother of 3, knew she needed to make some changes. 

Just after turning 50, she was told she was diabetic. “Being told I’m diabetic, like my dad, it’s a reality check!” Jackie realized she needed to “step up her game” and make some life changes asap. That’s when she turned to the Metabolic Body Reset.

Jackie jumped right in and in just 6 weeks, lost over 40 lbs. She went from size large in scrubs (12-14) to small (6-8) and is feeling great. 

Better yet, on following up with her doctor, she was told she wasn't diabetic, didn’t need to monitor her sugars daily, and wouldn't be put on medication!   Win! Win!

Skeptical - But at a Point of Desperation

Mary was at a point of desperation, at the onset of menopause, and nothing she did worked. “I’ve always battled my weight. I was so uncomfortable” and “probably the heaviest I’ve ever been!” 

But Mary was skeptical (just like you!) because she had tried so, so many diets in the past that didn’t work. After talking with me on the phone, Mary decided to give the Metabolic Body Reset a try and hasn’t looked back!

Mary lost over 24 lbs. in 6-weeks on the Metabolic Body Reset. “It was a lot of food and it really filled me up. I wasn’t really hungry.” She now feels like the foods on the Metabolic Body Reset are her comfort food. 

Mary also use to have headaches and knee pain – NOT ANYMORE! 

Mary hasn’t looked back; she’s been able to maintain and continue to lose. Mary has now lost over 65 lbs! Yeah Mary!!!!!  

This is not like other programs, you get 
support and accountability!

Sandy had been told by 5 different doctors that she needed to lose weight and lower her blood sugars, but nobody showed her how.  

In just 9 days, Sandy was able to lower her blood sugars by 170 points and was down 9 lbs.

At the end of just 6-weeks, Sandy had lost over 27 lbs. and was taken off one medication by her doctor. Ohh, Sandy also reported less knee pain and more energy.

What does Sandy have to say about the program - "It really works! It's a healthy way to eat and correct one's mindset regarding food.  Making correct food choices is a lifestyle."

Way to go Sandy!!!

And your probably saying, "Yeah, but who runs the Metabolic Body Reset?"

Well, the easy answer is me!

My name is David Bennett and my weight loss journey began at a very young age.  I remember as a kid going to Sears and buying clothes for back to school and having to find "husky" pants.  

Then I went away to college and added more weight, then grad school and more weight and then a sedentary lifestyle and more weight.  

Throughout those years I had tried many, many weight loss programs, exercise programs and fads -- none of which worked. . . for the long-term.

Then came my revelation -- I was presenting a workshop and on a survey sheet at the end of the workshop there was only one comment written -- "You're Fat!"  This is when I knew I needed to do something.  

What I found was that I was overweight, fatigued, stressed, eating the wrong foods, exercising too much and the wrong way, all which were not helping me.  I had trouble sleeping, and my blood sugar was all over the place.

It took that "face slap" comment to wake me up to figure out how to release the weight for good, regain my energy, defeat the fatigue and, most importanty, become the father to my kids that I always wanted to be!!

David Bennett

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Creator of the Metabolic Body Reset and the Empowered Living Institute

I am passionate about helping you live your best life.  I developed the Metabolic Body Reset to be a combination of nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to enable you to take control of your life and health.  

The Metabolic Body Reset combines all of these aspects so that you can achieve success during the  6-weeks and also long-term.  
What To Expect When You Partner With Me
Noticeable Results Within Days, with NO Exercise!
What you will like the most is that results begin immediately and really keep you motivated.  

During the 6-weeks of the Metabolic Body Reset, you can lose between 15 and 30 lbs., and sometimes more.  You immediately begin to notice a change in how you feel and how you look.  

Fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, low energy and cravings -- GONE!  

The Metabolic Body Reset is not just about losing weight, it is about you changing your life to be able to Live the Life YOU Deserve!
Learn How to Eat for the Life You Deserve!
  • Don't know what to eat?
  • Don't know when to eat?
  • Don't know how much to eat?
 Then the Metabolic Body Reset is perfecet for you.  It's not just a diet, it's a lifestyle plan -- just for YOU.  

The Metabolic Body Reset is designed for the busy mom or dad who is running between kids events or work events and many, many other activities that consume all of your free time.  

The Metabolic Body Reset gives you the skills that will benefit YOU and YOUR FAMILY for a lifetime. 

YOU will learn how to prepare fast, easy and nutritious meals that you and your whole family will enjoy.  My goal is to teach you how to be “independently healthy" and "Live the Life YOU Deserve!"
Success Feeds Success!
The Metabolic Body Reset is designed for you to be able to reach your weight loss goals and to be able to sustain those results.  

The quick response from your body to release weight allows you to quickly notice the results and creates the momentum you need to continue to take action and achieve your goals.  

All of the components of the Metabolic Body Reset are designed to help you transition into the Life YOU Deserve!
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to come into the office?
No!   Everything can be done over the phone and internet. But if you want to, you can come in.
How does the program work?
The program works by supervising you to use the 5 Laws to Resetting your Metabolism.

In short, it involves following a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory, low-calorie diet and taking metabolic support drops (which provide synergistic amino acids and supports your endocrine (hormone) system) and a probiotic -- along with supervised intermittent fasting.

This program is ideal to start on a weekend or around a holiday because the first 2 days you need to eat more food than may be normal - yep, you heard that right!!

There’s no calorie counting, but you're given a certain weight of food to eat with each meal. So, you should have access to a food scale that can measure in ounces. Your meals will consist of lean proteins, veggies and fruit, chosen from a list of approved foods that I provide. I can adjust food intake upwards, as necessary, for people that are more active.
How long will it take to lose the weight?
That depends. There are so many variables that come into play- like how much weight do you want to lose, your specific health situation and how much healing your body needs to do.
It’s important to understand that you cannot undo decades of damage in just a few weeks and there is no one-size-fits-all approach, because we’re all unique with different backgrounds, lifestyles, and needs. This means the healing process will be unique to you.  
What's the best time to start?
The best time to start would have been yesterday. The next best time is NOW. 

There never is a perfect time to do anything, but I’ve had people start the Reset and go on vacation, go on a cruise and go to weddings and parties (that’s the benefit of using real food.) And what were the results – weight loss, better sleep, more energy and less brain fog – even on a cruise. 

So the short answer to this question is NOW!
Our most basic program for healthy individuals seeking a personalized self-care plan
Starting at:
Our most popular program is designed for patients dealing with more significant chronic health challenges 
Starting at:
Living Proof
Our most comprehensive program includes all of our services to ensure your highest level of success
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What The Metabolic Body Reset Includes:

Metabolic Body Reset Package

  •  Comprehensive Consultation prior to Starting the program.
  •  Consultation prior to Starting the Maintenance Phase .
  • ​ Metabolic Body Reset Instruction Manual.
  • ​ Metabolic Body Reset Recipe Book -- over 60 recipes.
  • ​ Metabolic Body Reset Support Drops.
  • ​ Daily Email Encouragement and Reminders.
  • ​ Daily Tips, Support and Accountability in a Private Facebook Group.
  • ​ Access to Client Support Portal for continuous food, progress and lifestyle monitoring.
  • Unlimited secure messaging.

The 10 - Week Metabolic Body Reset
Investment is $499!

Billed one time.
  • 4 x Appointments
  • Webinar Access
  • Workshops
  • LPI Community
  • Video Lab Interpretations
  • Lab Interpretations x 3
  • Direct Lab Pricing
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over 99
  • Living Proof App
  • Program Binder
Billed one time.
  • 8 x Appointments
  • Webinar Access
  • Workshops
  • LPI Community
  • Video Lab Interpretations
  • Lab Interpretations x 3
  • Direct Lab Pricing
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over 99
  • Living Proof App
  • Program binder
  • Email Access
  • Client Concierge
  • Virtual Home Inspection
  • Exclusive Perks With Partners
  • 1 Mindset Session
  • 2 Lifestyle Consults
Billed one time.
  • 12-15 x Appointments
  • Webinar Access
  • Workshops
  • LPI Community
  • Video Lab Interpretations
  • Lab Interpretations x 3
  • Direct Lab Pricing
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over 99
  • Living Proof App
  • Program Binder
  • Email Access
  • Client Concierge
  • Virtual Home Inspection
  • Exclusive Perks With Partners
  • Mindset Session x 1
  • Lifestyle Consults x 2
  • Mindset Mastery Program
  • Onsite Home Inspection
  • Onsite Shopping And Meal Prep Experience
  • 2 x Tickets To Annual Event
  • High Performance Coaching
  • 10% Off On All Supplements
  • Movement Coach
  • 2 x Coaching Sessions With Sachin
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • High Performance Coaching
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